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About Jenn and her Sweet Treats

It all started with a rubber ducky!


How I ended up with a separate cookie kitchen, 3 ovens and way too many cookie cutters!

Growing up in Arizona, college in Indiana (Anderson University - go Ravens!) and eventually landing in Michigan for my decade in the advertising agency world  - all of that has nothing to do with how I got started with cookies!  (But who doesn't love fun facts??)  After meeting, Adam - love of my life, and having our first kiddo - this momma needed a hobby! 


So I took a cookie decorating class at a nearby cake store and the Wilton cake decorating class at our local craft store.

JST_MyLittlePony birthday.jpg
JST Woodland shower.jpeg

It was approaching my daughter's 1st birthday and we had a big ol' bash planned, so I was thinking - why not MAKE cute cookies to hand out?  

The End.  Just kidding.


And so the 1st batch of Jenn's Sweet Treats cookies was born in the shape of a Rubber Ducky (pictured above).  Since I took the classes, do I make cakes?  DO NOT ask about my daughter's first birthday cake "creation" - It's why the answer is "Nope, no way, let's not go there!"

(But I can always put you in touch with a baker that does awesome cakes!)

After getting rave reviews from friends and family, who received many a free cookie, as I tested out new techniques and designs and thus, also starting my enormous cookie cutter collection, a passion I continue to nurture to this day.  (in fact, I'm probably printing new ones as you read this - on my fancy new 3D printer!)


I started selling cookies at Mom2Mom sales and a few craft shows and then things just took off - and I'm still trying to keep up with you all!


I love being a part of your celebrations - Wedding showers, baby showers, 1st birthdays (see the progression?), and on and on.  Creating sweet cookie treats for your special occasion is what keeps me going each day.  It is such an honor when I have customers return year after year, for every holiday and special occasion - the fact that I get invited to all your amazing events is an incredible blessing.

I am a stay at home momma of 4 kiddos and God has continued to bless my "little cookie business" over the past 15+ years!  I look forward to hearing from you - just head on over to the "Contact JST" page and let me know how I can sweeten up your celebration!

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